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Samsung Introduces IPX-S300B SCM Compact Release 2.2
Posted by Chad Page on 03 November 2017 12:45 PM

Hello Wireless Enterprise

Samsung Introduces IPX-S300B SCM Compact Release 2.2

This SCM Compact release provides new enhanced features that our customers have requested from the release of the SCM Compact 2.1 that was available in Aug 2017.

Product Bulletin PB2017-009-Nov 1, 2017 can be found at  in the SCMc folder for more details


Documentation can be found at in the Knowledgebase  SCM> SCMc2.x  folder
Software can be located at in the Knowledgebase Software > SCMx Software 

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IOS Security Certificates for SCMx for 2018
Posted by Chad Page on 02 November 2017 01:32 PM


Hello Wireless Enterprise

IOS Security certificates 

New IOS Security certificates are now availabe for SCMc and SMCe on  in the knowledgebase, located under software for SCMx.    

You can also download them at the following links:
SCMe IOS Security Certificate 2018
SCMc IOS Security Certificate 2018

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WPA2 Key Reinstallation Vulnerabilities Attacks
Posted by Chad Page on 17 October 2017 11:36 AM

Hello Wireless Enterprise

WPA2 Key Reinstallation Vulnerabilities Attacks (KRACKs)

Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) handshake traffic can be manipulated to induce session key reuse, resulting in key reinstallation by a Wireless Access Point (AP) or client.  An attacker within range of an affected AP and client may conduct attacks such as packet decryption and injection, TCP connection hijacking, HTTP content injection, or the replay of unicast, broadcast and multicast frames via these vulnerabilities.

Affected Products

  • Wireless Access Points (AP) - all Samsung models
  • Wireless Access Point Controllers (APC) - all Samsung models
  • IP phones: SMT-i5343, SMT-i6011 and SMT-i6021 only

You can find complete details that include workarounds at  

Knowledgebase Wireless LAN folder 

Document TB2017 WPA2 Key Reinstallation Vulnerabilities Attacks

Thank you for being a Samsung Partner!

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Posted by Chad Page on 03 October 2017 01:42 PM

Introducing Samsung WLAN 4.7.7

Samsung is pleased to announce the release of WLAN 4.7.7 software for the Access Point Controller (APC), Access Points (AP) and Wireless Enterprise Manager (WEM). With the release of 4.7.7 Samsung provides updated security features and the ability for the customer to use their own certificates for Guest access.

WLAN 4.7.7 Product Features

The following Product Features are supported with the new WLAN 4.7.7 software:


  • Customer Installed Certificates

With updates to the Administration GUI the system allows the user to upload the Certificate file, Private Key and Chain certificate file into the Controller. This now provides another way to keep your connection secure and up to date using your own public or private certificates on the system.


  • Security Enhancements

Samsung continues to provide security updates to new software releases to close any potential vulnerability in the system. Open SSH has been updated to version 7.5

PCI-DSS security updates have been applied to remove any security vulnerabilities. Contact Samsung support for information you need about security.


  • ACL/VLAN override in open access WLAN

The APC allows the administrator to override the current setting of the Access Control List or VLAN being used on the system.

WEM 4.7.7 New Features

  • Station IP address in location tracking information

The APC now adds the ability to see the IP address of the Station connected to the Access point.


  • TKIP/CCMP is added to the encryption option of WPA+WPA2 security

The APC has updated the encryption options for station connection to the Access Points. TKIP/CCMP protocols have been added to allow more choices and enhanced security, depending on the supported clients’ use of these features.


  • Extend the number of IP caches for Named ACL (16->512)

The APC can now handle up to 512 Access Controls per Identified Names under ACL Lists. Either IP ACL or IPv6 ACL menus.

  • Client isolation in SSID

When this feature is enabled, stations in the same SSID can be setup to prohibit communicating directly each other.


  • Service protocol configuration for captive portal

If https server is enabled, APC used https for web authentication and could run into a certificate error. APC software has been modified so that APC can select web service protocol from http and https when web authentication is used.


  • APC list count extension (WEC8050: 2->128, WEC8500: 12->128)

The APC now allows up to 128 Access Control Lists per Controller. This update is for both 8050 and 8500 Controller.


  • MAC authentication in survival mode AP (AP Family B/C/D/F)

When the Access Points enter survivable mode and cannot connect to a Controller they now have the ability to support authentication of the device using the MAC address.


  • Detection exception with OUI and OUI type in vendor specific element (WIPS sensor)

In the Intrusion section of the APC the system can now provide an exception rule against a specific Organizationally Unique Identifier

Supporting Documentation

The following User Guides and Quick Reference Sheets are available in our Knowledge Base at


Login with your registered account and go to Knowledgebase > Wireless LAN > 4.7.7


  • WEC8500/WEC8050 Release Notes4.7.7 NA
  • WEM Release Notes 4.7.7 NA
  • WEC8050_System Description Ver.7.x NA
  • WEC8500_System Description Ver.7.x NA
  • WEC8500WEC8050_APC_Operation Manual_Ver.10.x
  • WEM Installation Manual Ver.3.9
  • WEM User Manual Ver.8.0


The software for the WLAN products is available for certified technicians that have passed the WLAN Training courses. And sites that have current Samsung Assurance. Contact Samsung Technical Support to receive the updated software

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Posted by Chad Page on 13 September 2017 10:35 AM

Hi Valued Customer,

Earlier last week we presented the special pricing we are offering to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The following is a summary of the offers that include discounts on OfficeServ and Wi-Fi Access Points. Also included is a link to watch the webinar that was conducted on Tuesday, September 5.

SPECIAL UPDATE: We are extending the same discounts to FEMA designated counties in Florida affected by Hurricane Irma.

Please reach out to your Distribution contact with any questions regarding how to order. Our Sales and Support teams are also here to help so please reach out as needed to or call 877-556-9469.

Samsung has made a collective donation of over $1 million to the Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief efforts in Texas, Florida and the surrounding southeast region of the U.S. impacted by the storm. Samsung is contributing a combination of cash funds and in-kind product donations, giving half to the American Red Cross’s on-site relief efforts and other half to local charity partners and schools in the form of Samsung products – including washing machines, dryers, charging stations, tablets and laptops, as well as employee volunteerism.

Additionally, Samsung is matching all employee contributions toward the relief effort.

Samsung Networks has also made communication equipment available to local agencies and municipalities that are providing Evacuee relief services.


Your Samsung Wireless Team


Special Pricing Sheet

Download the document detailing the product discounts available to the FEMA-desgnated counties affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Discounting is designed specifically to help getting communications up as soon as possible.



Special Webinar Recording

View a recording of a special webinar conducted on Tuesday, September 5th where Greg Parcell, Head of Distribution Sales, discussed the special pricing available to assist in communications infrastructure recovery.

Watch Now

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